Social Media managers have been in high demand since the last decade for multiple reasons. Social Media Managers are categorized in ‘Promotions, Marketing Manager and Advertising” of a company. The role of Social Media Managers is quite vital for a company. They propagate and represent the company in the social media community through different social media channels. They act as the voice of the brand and represent the content of the company. They receive comments from the audience and in turn, advise companies to adopt ways to improve their online presence. The growing percentage of Social media managers is estimated at 10% by 2026.

The most important role of a company while hiring a social media community manager is to measure the right ROI for their work process. However, unfortunately, many companies have not figured this out yet, and the roles of social media managers have been restricted instead of evolving. Efficient and professional social media managers are the dire need of companies for their online growth. These officials must be expert, strategic, and creative in their fields, and above all, they must not be complacent, preferably goal-oriented. These key points of skill, passion, expertise, and commitment regarding social media managers must be considered keenly by companies.

Approaches to Hiring a Social Media Manager

An ideal approach to hiring a professional social media manager must be based on the following considerations:

  • A social media manager must be well-engaged with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • He/she must keep the website updated with new and different content on a regular basis. They must be up-to-date with social media branding trends.
  • He/she must be an expert in copywriting and creating designs.
  • A social media manager must not be an amateur; therefore, polish your skills and be an expert in a field that has immense potential.

Social Community Manager Jobs

There are a few essential social community manager jobs that an aspiring company must know in order to grow further rapidly. These are as following:

1. Digital or Multimedia Producer

In the current era, people are drawn more towards the visual and audible modes of information. With the rise of social media platforms, demand for visual content and graphics has increased. In 2020, 80% of marketers have shifted towards visual assets for their marketing strategies. Videos and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat attract the audience. Therefore, there is a dire need of an expert social media manager for the companies who must produce and display visual content to the audience.

A Digital or Multimedia producer must be an expert in the following skills:

  • Generating creative images that attract the audience
  • Good photography and videography
  • Up to date with marketing trends

2. Social Media Metrics Analyst

Like all other marketing roles, a social media community manager also deals with the data and analysis. He analyzes the data into macro and microdata. He must be a strong metrics analyst who keeps the record of data regarding leads generated as well as experimentation with individual customers. Based on precedents and available data, he can make decisions about further experimentations, strategies, and campaigns. He can run new tests so to check the productivity and effectiveness of new strategies.

A Social Media Metrics Analyst must possess the following skills:

  • Good Presentation skills
  • Effective data analysis
  • Initiative to do experiments

3. Copywriter

Copywriting plays a key role in attracting the potential audience. It contains content relevant to the company that is produced for marketing purposes. Content is king; therefore, no compromise must be made in producing text-based content. A social media manager must be versatile in his job because, for copywriting, he must write captions according to the formal or informal nature of the platform and the post. For example, LinkedIn requires more professional and business-oriented text-based content than Instagram or Facebook owing to its variety of audiences.

A Copywriter must be expert at:

  • Writing perfect target-oriented blogs and conveying messages in a minimum of 150 words to a maximum of 300 words.
  • Knowing and comprehending the goal of the brand.
  • Indulging creativity in the content to make it more engaging.
  • Innovating new strategies and adapting to the evolving trends of social media marketing.

How can a copywriter be productive?

A social media manager who engages perfectly with the audience by writing catchy and compelling content will ensure brand marketing. This will build a strong audience-company relationship.

4. Facilitator and Community Manager

One of the primary roles of a social media manager is not just to build a healthy relationship of the community with the company, but also the community with other communities. A community manager scrutinizes the customer audience and deals with unwelcomed individuals who try to become problematic.

Apart from building a following on social media is helping that following connect with each other and become a community. A community manager is also a good facilitator. He or she engages the audience by asking them relevant questions. If necessary, the facilitator has the authority to delete posts or remove members in selected cases. A facilitator has a prime role in enforcing the community guidelines.

A Facilitator and a Community Manager must have the following skills:

  • Well equipped with the knowledge
  • Must be Sociable and have good interpersonal skills
  • Patience and kindness
  • Must have leadership quality of initiative

How can Facilitators and Community Managers be Productive?

Both of them can prove to be quite productive if they engage well with their customers on social media platforms. If they create a positive impression on the minds of customers, they will automatically boost their reach as customers will comment and share your posts with other folks. As a result, people belonging to different communities will come on the same platform and will communicate and engage, hence increasing their exposure to the community. These community managers play a key role in first bringing the company’s community closer to each other.

5. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. He is the voice of the company to the audience, for he deals with the public’s concerns, queries, questions, and suggestions. Customers often talk negatively about services and products. Therefore, a social media community manager must be well-prepared for any such circumstance because apart from positivity, negativity is predictable. Hence, a social media manager must be a good problem solver so that he tackles strong queries and brings about an effective solution. He or she must be well informed about the company’s products and services.

An effective customer service representative must have the following necessary skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Keen Knowledge of the Company, its products, and its services.

How can this be Productive?

As the world has become digital and customers are trafficking more on social media, it is effective to hear customers’ concerns and queries on social media platforms. These are much preferred platforms that audience value over phone calls because it saves money and time. Therefore, a social media manager can gain the highest benefit from social media platforms to fulfill his duty as a customer service representative effectively. This has further multiple benefits as it promotes the company’s positive image.

6. Funnel Marketing Manager

Like all other social media professionals, a funnel marketing manager also has a crucial role to play. He not only benefits the top company officials, rather its marketing funnel focuses primarily on the potential customers that are initially only visitors. The Funnel marketing manager pushes the work through a process where the company’s marketing content achieves its maximum reach to the people. This content then engages with potential customers who visit your website and create a better chance of being a customer. If the content creates good leads and is according to the audience’s demand, then these visitors become your loyal customers.

The responsibility lies on the shoulder of the social media manager as he must generate content that will effectively reach the customer and accomplish desired goals.

In the composition of the funnel process, the top of it functions to generate leads and propagate content to the maximum customers. As the process moves forth, down the funnel, the work of social media expert increases as he must engage the customers personally to build a healthy relationship and attract them as customers. In the last phase, the customers consider the services and products of the company.

Attaining information and engaging with content and audience has become much easier and effective on social media platforms than conventional platforms like phone calls and emails. Different customers use different platforms to engage with the information. Therefore, social media strategy is much effective as it saves time and produces better results.

Social media community managers have a huge role to play. They must have a strong grip on sales and marketing funnel. They must know which content is effective at what step of the funnel. Moreover, they must bring other departments closer through communication. Their role is to pass correct information to the sales and customer service about the feedbacks and leads.

A funnel marketing manager must possess the following necessary skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good convincing skills for sales
  • Knowledge about funnel functioning

How can Funnel Marketing Managers become Productive?

Funnel marketing managers have a key role to play. They have to carefully and skillfully set leads at each step of the funnel, where they transfer information to the highest number of audiences through different social media platforms. As the information is transferred, they make sure that each customer is dealt with one-on-one. Once the visitor is attracted to the website and informed of the company’s products and services, chances increase of converting him into a customer. Therefore, the productivity of these managers is ensured if they undergo the funnel stages properly.

7. Project Manager and Campaign Coordinator

The role of a Project manager and a campaign coordinator is quite significant because they coordinate with all departments of a company. They heed to the requests from different officials across the company who want certain things to be liked or posted. A social media community manager must accommodate them by analyzing their requests as narrow or broad, considering the benefit these can offer to the followers of the company. If a request is department oriented, then it is not appropriate to post on twitter. Social media community managers must effectively coordinate with the departments that wish to organize campaign launches. These campaigns must prove beneficial for the growth of the company as a whole.

A Campaign coordinator and program manager must possess the following necessary skills:

  • Eloquence in Communication
  • Organization Skills
  • Good analysis based decision making
  • Negotiation skills

How can Program Managers and Campaign Coordinators be Productive?

When a campaign coordinator and a program manager manage to produce and handle content that aligns with the promotions and campaigns of the company, these automatically produce effective results. Followers not only focus on the promotions but also ingrain the relevant and engaging information about the company. Hence, social media community managers will drive more customer traffic to their websites.

Social Media Management in a Nutshell

Owing to these roles, capacities, and diverse responsibilities over the shoulders of a social media community manager, these officials keep a vital significance for a company to grow on online platforms. With time, online business has advanced and surpassed the traditional modes of marketing and communication. Masses have gathered more on online platforms, and they spend more time there. Therefore, companies must consider this aspect diligently and hire expert social media managers after keen scrutiny. Professional social media managers can push the company further up on the ladder of success as they have the capability to rapidly and effectively increase the company’s outreach online to the maximum audience. No entry-level social media managers are recommended because they cannot manage and handle the diverse roles of the abovementioned seven jobs effectively.

Hence, a company’s recruiting authority must focus on these abovementioned diverse job roles before hiring an expert potential social media manager. VisibilityPark brings you the best social media packages to reach out to your targeted audience. Get in touch with an expert today.

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