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If you want improved visibility over Google search, better exposure to your target audience and immediate results from your marketing spend, running a pay per click (PPC) campaign is the way to go.

With over five years of experience, Visibility Park specializes in delivering robust and efficient PPC solutions through our California facility. Whether you need swift outreach or urgent leads, our San Diego PPC services can fulfill all your needs. 

While devising and running Google AdWords campaigns, our team ensures compliance with all Google guidelines and best practices. This makes sure that no matter your industry, region, or objective, you can get maximum return on investment (ROI) from your marketing budget while keeping in line with the required ethical practices. 

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay per click or PPC is a paid marketing method that allows you to run digital text and media ads over the web. As the name suggests, pay per click costs are directly tied to each click made on your ads. The more clicks your ads get, the more visitors your platform receives against a particular cost. 

In PPC, you essentially rent prime ad spots on the web to garner your target market’s attention. As long as you keep paying the required marketing spend to retain your position, your ads keep displaying to your specific audience. 

A PPC campaign holds many benefits within it, which all depend upon your core objectives from the activity. For instance, you can use the traffic obtained through PPC to drive attention to a new product, get visitors to know about your existing solutions, or capture the contact information of hot leads that are interested in doing business with you. 

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How is It Run on Google?

When this advertisement method is followed for Google search results against specific keywords, you can capture the top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) that are reserved for paid listings. These campaigns are managed through Google’s designated PPC program called Google AdWords.

An effective PPC or Google AdWords campaign ensures that whenever someone searches for keywords relevant to your brand, your paid listing shows up on the top spots of regular search engine results. Even though your listing is marked as an ad, this model enhances your chances of obtaining the required visitors to your designated page.  

Why Go for PPC?

Unlike organic marketing methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) that take months to deliver the required visibility, PPC provides immediate results against your campaign. 

As soon as you set up a proper PPC campaign and start rolling out the advertisement budget, you can see your target audience pouring in through your ads. This ensures that you can get the traffic, exposure, or leads that you need via your marketing spend.

It Works Best Through Professional Expertise

Given that countless other businesses in your industry and area are also running these Google AdWords campaigns, managing them can be quite complex. 

For instance, you need to “bid” for the top spots but need to make sure that you are not paying more than your fair share of ad spend. You have to appear against competitive keywords yet weed out those phrases that don’t convert to sales. And you need to continue optimizing your campaign but without affecting its positive performance. 

Needless to say, managing all of these factors can take its toll on you while also affecting your marketing budget. But you don’t have to put yourself through that strain. With Visibility Park’s San Diego PPC services, you can ensure to run your campaign with optimal results without having to drown yourself under its complexities. 

Pay Per Click Services in San Diego

At Visibility Park, we make sure to devise, create, and manage your PPC campaign through a holistic process. 

By paying attention to your campaign’s starting foundation, ongoing elements, and continuous challenges, we make sure that you have all the digital marketing help you need to achieve your objectives. 

We don’t just talk a big game but also deliver on our commitment. Our PPC solution is built with transparency in mind. This ensures that even if you don’t actively have to manage your campaign, you are aware of the work that goes into making it a success. 

Keeping in line with this approach, here’s how we deliver our PPC services for Google AdWords.

Understanding Your Needs

Our PPC process starts by understanding your needs and objectives. This ensures that we can set up your campaign to obtain your required goals, such as increasing your website’s traffic or capturing more leads for your business. 

Providing Optimal Suggestions

We suggest relevant PPC avenues such as running banner ads or retargeting campaigns to get even more results from your campaign than simple keywords targeting can deliver on its own.

Doing a Thorough Market Research

We do intensive market research to acquire statistical keywords through avenues such as Google Keyword Planner, competitor analysis, and our internal tools. This provides us with data-driven results on how to effectively create your campaign for popular keywords, audience behaviors, and trending topics. 

Shopping Ads

We optimise any shopping campaign or product listing ads you need created. This is so that you promote your inventory using relevant search terms and keywords.

Discussing Data-driven Findings

We discuss our findings and suggestions with you to fine-tune our approach with your San Diego PPC campaign. This extensive consultation makes sure that your campaign is also being supported by your business acumen, which lets us explore even more aspects and optimize your PPC foundation for maximum ROI.

Setting-up Your Campaign

We set up your keywords, place strategic bids, devise your ad copy, and take care of additional material such as banner ads. Once your campaign is ready, we get your final notes on it and then go live upon your approval. This ensures that your marketing budget isn’t being spent without your discretion.

Ongoing Monitoring

We monitor your campaign regularly and make sure to report our findings on the best and least-performing keywords and strategies to you. This helps you stay updated on the campaign’s overall performance and ensures that you have the chance to provide your feedback in real-time.

Consistent Optimization

We do consistent technical changes to ensure you are getting maximum ROI and the most results out of your ad spend. We report all modifications and suggestions through weekly and monthly reports, while also being available for urgent discussions. This makes sure that your campaign is run with optimal support at all times. 

Contact The Best San Diego PPC Company

The detailed process flow that we have at Visibility Park sets us apart from many other San Diego PPC providers. When this holistic strategy runs alongside our team’s proactive approach, knowledgeable skill set, and exceptional customer service, it translates to an optimal service experience for your personal or professional brand. 

To see how our services can help, contact us for a free consultation today. We will be glad to understand your needs and explain our process with your specific requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re using pay-per-click (PPC) to promote your brand online, then you want to make sure that you’re not wasting money on clicks that won’t land any sales. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes a difficult, time-consuming task.
However, you can outsource that responsibility to a PPC management advertising company. That way, you have more time to deal with the day-to-day operations of your business.
Of course, you’re going to spend money on that PPC company. But if you invest heavily in online ads, then you’ll see a positive return even with the additional spend in the consulting fees. It’s worth it. This is a very tough skill to learn.
The name says it all. When you run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you’ll pay when people click on your ad.
In fact, you’ll only pay when people click on your ad. That means if people see your ad, appreciate it, but never click on it, you won’t pay a penny.
That’s one of the reasons that digital marketers absolutely love PPC ads. They only pay when the ad generates engagement.
The actual cost of each click depends on a number of factors, including the platform you’re using to run the ad, the competitive nature of your industry, and the keyword you’re using if you’re running a search ad. A PPC company usually charges a flat fee or a percentage of ad spend to manage those ads.
Usually, PPC operates on an auction model. That means other people are competing for the same ad space that you want.
It’s not always the case that the person who bids highest gets that spot, though.
For example, Google Ads determines Ad Rank based on a few factors, including the relevance of the ad and its landing page to the keyword used. In some cases, marketers who bid higher than competitors might not see their ad appear in a top spot because their ads aren’t relevant to the keyword.
It’s best to have your PPC company optimize your bids so that you get a top spot, but not bid so much that you eat into your profit margin. There’s a science to that.
There’s a lot of education and experience required to launch a successful PPC company campaign. If you decide to tackle it yourself, you can expect to make many mistakes.
Expensive mistakes.
Think about it: when you run a PPC campaign, you have to produce compelling ad copy, create a landing page, come up with a bidding strategy, find the right keywords, and monitor your results. That’s asking quite a bit. Not to mention, the interface is incredibly complicated. Trust us, you will waste money.
If you’re investing a sizeable chunk of your marketing budget into PPC, you should consider outsourcing the task to a reputable company. You could lose more money learning by trial and error than you could by partnering with a pay per click advertising company that knows how to run an effective online ad campaign.
A picture is worth a thousand words. That might be truer in advertising than anywhere else.
Once you’ve finally made the decision to move forward with online advertising, you have a couple of options available:

  • Standard text ads that appear in search results and on some web pages
  • Display ads (including video ads) that are exclusive to web pages
Of course, you can always select both options. You might find that gives you the best return.
If you do decide to move forward with display advertising, you’ll need to understand the investment that’s required.
First, you’ll require imagery that sells your brand. That means you’ll have to hire a professional graphic designer who can polish your ad copy and make your ad stand out amongst other display ads that might appear on the same page.
Of course, you’ll also need to hire an advertising professional who knows how to craft outstanding ad copy and suggest just the right type of imagery to get you that much-coveted click.
The bottom line is that display advertising will definitely affect your bottom line. It’s an investment in time and money. But it also offers a great opportunity to brag about your brand.
Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way to reach people who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand.
For example, suppose somebody visits your website from an AdWords ad that you placed online. The person browses around your site for a while, seems interested in your products, but doesn’t buy anything just yet.
That visitor is still a potential customer!
Wouldn’t it be great to “remember” the people who visited your site so that you can target them in future ad campaigns? After all, if they’ve already expressed an interest in your brand, then they’re probably closer to the business end of the sales funnel than people who are targeted with “cold call” advertising.
Thanks to the magic of remarketing, you can display ads to people who’ve already visited your site. That’s because modern advertising networks use the wonders of modern “cookie” technology to store information about which sites people have visited.
Even better: those same ad networks will allow you to show your ads only to people who’ve visited your site. That gives you another opportunity to close the sale.
Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. Many digital marketers also consider it the best place to run ads.
Why? For starters, the right ad can be dirt cheap. It’s not too uncommon for some marketers to pay just 1 cent per click.
Also, Facebook gives you the opportunity to target your ads to a very specific group of people. You can choose to show your ads to Facebook users based on demographics and/or interests.
For example, you might want to show your ad only men who are interested in fashion. Alternatively, you might like to display your ad only to women who are into gourmet cooking. Those are the kinds of options that you get with Facebook.
One of the biggest selling points for Facebook advertising, though, is that it offers flexibility in the type of ad you’d like to run.
For example, you might opt to run a simple image ad that promotes your brand. On the other hand, you think the people in your target market might need to see a video to fully explain the product you’re offering. Facebook gives you the option to run either type of ad.
If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to reach potential customers, you should definitely consider advertising on Facebook.
Programmatic refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. Rather than humans, machines do the buying. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze visitor’s behavior, allowing programmatic companies to target ads more precisely.
Through the use of DSPs, (demand side platforms) and DMPs (data management systems), media companies are able to collect data and buy ad inventory on the open market.

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