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Here’s how your business can benefit by using features such as Google My Business and conducting Google Maps Optimization to gain an edge over your competition.

Many businesses in the United States and countries across the world still utilize a physical presence. 

A physical presence is not only beneficial but necessary. While a few of these businesses can run a fully digital business, leaders of these small and large businesses realize that a physical footprint helps reach more people and engage with a growing community.

But one significant problem remains, businesses must find ways to attract people to their location in real life. While this aspect may have been more difficult in the past due to physical constraints such as lack of prime real estate, digital tools in the present era help to entice consumers to your physical location. Now, a sign spinner might help grow your business, but local maps optimization is a more robust investment.


It helps you to improve your visibility and help you reach people where they are; on their mobile devices. More specifically, you want to be visible to people when they’re searching for your services or products on the most prominent search engine out there.

Let’s start with a quick overview on Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google, one of the most compelling search engines in the world strives to help people find what they are looking for in life. The better the search engine is at conducting this core activity, the better off each participant is in its ecosystem.

For instance, if you search for “pineapple pizza near me” and you get the right results cleanly, you find what you are looking for, advertisers can reach you on pizza or other similar products, and Google continues to thrive. 

See, everyone is happy.

Now, to keep everyone happy, Google continues to roll out features that help improve the overall search experience and help people find what they are looking for in their lives. As businesses are a vital part of matchmaking experience, Google provides specific tools to help them become more visible to potential customers.

One of these tools is known as Google My Business. Google My Business is an entirely zero cost Google function to assist businesses and other institutions control their online footprint and visibility. The GMB tool will also include search optimization and Google Maps.

The search engine gives you an opportunity to capture this digital space, tie it to your physical location, and enable customers to contact you and find you. As such, the digital giant expects you to verify your information and confirm the information to improve the overall experience.

You might have noticed that more businesses across the world are taking advantage of this feature to make sure they stay on the radar of their audience. Whether they are selling oreo ice cream or flipping pineapple pizza they are making sure to utilize tools such as Google My Business.

But why?

They seek to use the benefits of Googly My Business to secure prime real estate become more visible. Further, they appreciate the ability to have more control over their information, engage with their audience, and get a handle on their online presence.

Here the benefits of Google My Business:

  • Information control
  • Audience engagement
  • Improve online visibility

Information control

Information management is an essential component in the digital realm. The business that optimizes for the right services and continues to please their customers stay in business. Remember that the first step is always showing your customers that you do have what they are looking for and that you are ready and willing to meet their demands.

Companies that are better at communicating their specific services and products have a better chance of attracting customers and meeting their needs. Small actions such as verifying with Google My Business can have a positive impact on consumers and help them feel more comfortable trusting your business. Further, updating hours, sites, and the business’s specific location can also do wonders in improving traffic and reach.

Audience engagement

The fact is that your audience is likely talking about your business. As such, it is best to help create a positive conversation by engaging with your audience. Verifying your business is one way to have a positive influence on your growing audience. View what customers have to say and engage with them to make sure they are 100% pleased with your products and services.

Become more social and include business-related images to your Business Profile and witness more traction and engagement as other companies tend to receive.

Improve Online Visibility and Gain Insights

Business owners like yourself know that each and every customer or audience member seeks to have fantastic experiences when interacting with your business. Of course, it is necessary to deliver stupendous experiences online and offline. 

But how can you optimize for amazing experiences when you don’t understand your customers and what they want? Business owners realize that they can gain more information and details when they implement features such as Google My Business. Managers can learn more about the health of their business from a visibility and interaction standpoint. For instance, you can learn about how many people clicked on your phone number by beginning their journey on Search and Maps. Further, features such as Smart campaigns in the Google My Business package add even more value by helping you find even more information about your overall performance.

The Benefits of Google Maps Optimization

Your competition is likely using Google Maps and becoming the go-to service provider for your customers’ needs. If that’s the case, then you are losing business revenues to your competition due to ignoring essential online marketing methods like Google Maps.

Google Maps is yet another product that provides value to Google, advertisers, and merchants everywhere. The California based technology company is utilizing RankBrain to continue to improve the Google Maps experience and help customers reach their destination.

The main point here is that Maps optimizes for the local customers, of which there are a great many, and it continues to grow every day, depending on your local area. Since you are making sure to become present and visible in your local area, you optimize for local search. 

Remember that optimizing for local search is about highlighting where are you are to your current and potential customers and increasing your overall visibility. You want to make sure that you appear as the top result or one of the top results in geo-focused search results. That means staying top of mind when a potential customer googles laundromat in 75243 or even dentist “near me,” and that search engines match them with your business.

Did you know that more than 60% of customers use Google and other search engines to find companies near them? Unfortunately, less than 45% of businesses have taken advantage of local tools like Google Maps or Google My Business. What’s even more startling is that a good portion of companies don’t have the right information present on their online listing confusing customers and creating bad experiences.

Here are the essentials of local optimization:

  • Primary listings
  • Removing errors
  • Nurturing reviews
  • Mobile optimization

Primary Listings

Primary listings breaks down to creating a simple presence on the most dominant search engines. Simple listing creation done right can serve as a strong foundation in this local optimization process and can yield substantial dividends in attracting more customers.

You should always have peace of mind knowing that customers will find accurate information about you on Google, Bing, or even Yahoo!. If they can’t find the right information about these various platforms, they might leave with and not feel great about their overall experience and think twice about doing business with you.

Let’s move on to the next step in this process.

Removing and Replacing Listing Errors

You might already have a presence on different platforms due to one reason or another, but these listings might provide accurate information. That is a significant problem because customers just want to find what they are looking for and move on with their lives. They don’t have time to second guess themselves and wonder if everything is accurate when they interact with your business.

Inaccurate information will not only present you in a bad light to your customers but to search engines as well. For instance, inaccurate information can decrease search engine rankings and minimize visibility and sales. Remember that algorithms are specific and require the right inputs to continue to sort and prioritize companies. What we mean by this is that minute errors such as St. instead of Street can cause issues.

Fortunately, one can clean this up, unfortunately, it takes time and the right expertise to make sure everything is accurate in line with search engine algorithms. Most business owners want to focus on their core products and services instead of all other potential friction inducing aspects that they might have to deal with in their lives.

A strong, consistent message across all engines will help your company reach customers in a specific way no matter where they are.

Local search boils down to letting your customers know that you are them for them and can help them meet their needs. Partnering with marketing firms like Visibility Park can help you to streamline this process.

Nurturing reviews

A holistic marketing strategy must never leave out authentic communication and engagement with your customers. There’s  a variety of ways to do this, but one of the most direct ways is to nurture reviews from your customers. One should make sure to implement this into the essential elements of any massive scale campaign. These reviews can serve as a beacon of strength or a way to diminish your business if negative reviews arise.

Remember that more than 60% of customers analyze reviews on their desktop while on their purchasing journey. Further, more than 30% of customers will consume reports on their cellular devices before making a buying decision. Reviews help them to feel more confident when initiating a purchase. Positive reports help to nudge them in your favor, while negative reviews immediately send them running to your competitors.

Dealing with reviews, both good and bad, requires a diplomatic approach that helps make champions of those who love your business while helping to soothe people who leave unsavory reviews. 

Finally, managers who nudge their customers to leave positive reviews will improve the overall online health and visibility of the business. Remember that more positive reviews help to inspire confidence in your present and future customers.

Last but not least, we have mobile optimization.

Mobile Optimization

Regardless of how we look at the situation, mobile optimization is one of the most important aspects present in the world of marketing today.




Our computers have shrunk down to fit into the palm of our hands and help us conduct a variety of activities from finding food to eat to finding a prospective employer and filing expense reports.


Cell phones went from a luxury to a necessity, and as more people use their mobile devices to search for aspects in life, firms of all types must just adjust accordingly to these new situations. 


What does that adjustment entail?

Make your site mobile friendly

Make sure it is responsive to their device and will provide a simple user experience

Make sure that it has the right features and details to move them to take an action

De-clutter the site

Does that seem like a lot of work? The truth is that it does take quite a bit of time and regular maintenance to stay in line with the evolving digital needs of your consumers and search engines overall. That is why many business partners with digital marketing firms help them stay in tip-top shape throughout the entire process.

They focus on their business operations while digital marketing firms like Visibility Park to improve their overall optimization and help them stay competitive in the digital landscape.

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We focus on visibility and digital marketing so you can adapt and evolve while concentrating on your core operations while delighting customers.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your digital presence and increase your business, contact us at Visibility Park today.

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Local SEO Plans & Pricing

Level 1

$199 Per Month

  • Google My Business & Google Maps Listing creation &/or optimization
  • Google My Business posts 1x per week
  • On the Google side of digital marketing our $199 package contains creating and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB). While keeping it fresh to the consumer eye with promotional content updated to it each week.

Level 2

$399 Per Month

  • Google My Business & Google Maps Listing creation &/or optimization
  • Google My Business posting 3x per week
  • 500-600 word SEO Optimized Blog Article - 1x per month
  • Our $399 package takes it a step further and increases the frequency of promotional posts to 3x per week, as well as curate a 500 to 600 word, keyword optimized, blog for your website. By repetitively using a specific keyword or keyword phrase Google will slowly begin to recognize that blog, therefore your website, as an accurate search result for that specific keyword. This shouldn't be the entirety of your SEO plan; but it's the little things that add up over time

Level 3

$599 Per Month (3 month contract)

  • Google My Business & Google Maps Listing creation &/or optimization
  • Google My Business posting 5x per week
  • 500-600 word SEO Optimized Blog Article - 1x per month
  • Syndication of your brand to 100's of search engines, directories, maps, and more
  • GPS and navigation citation database listing management
  • Daily optimization
  • Full access to monthly reporting

Level 4

$799 Per Month + Ad Spend* (3 month contract)

  • Google My Business & Google Maps Listing creation &/or optimization
  • Google My Business posting 5x per week
  • 500-600 word SEO Optimized Blog Article - 1x per month
  • Syndication of your brand to 100's of search engines, directories, maps, and more
  • GPS and navigation citation database listing management
  • Daily optimization
  • Daily review alerts
  • Full access to monthly reporting
  • Month 1: On-Site SEO for your website
  • Month 2 and beyond - Google Ads

    • Targeting 10 keyword themes, optimized weekly
    • Minimum $100/mo. Ad spend
    • Maximum $900/mo. Ad spend
  • *Ad spend not included

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