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Why Your Business Can’t Thrive On A Facebook Business Page Alone

Having a website for business versus a Facebook page is a question many small businesses wrestle with. Too many business owners see their social media pages as their business website. With so many apps available to mirror the features of a website it is easy to understand why.

For those asking, do I need a website, the answer is yes. There are great benefits to having a Facebook business page. But in the full scheme of things, it is like having a clothing store in a mall full of clothing stores.

The competition is a distraction and it’s easy for the shopper to overlook your store.

Instead of trying to compete with the over 60 million active business Pages, your goal needs to be directing traffic to your website.

Keep reading to learn why your business can’t thrive with just a Facebook page.

Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

A small business website is important for different reasons. One it gives you a place to fully promote your business online away from the distractions of social media. Second, it provides businesses the opportunity to capture information that is hard to get from social media.

An example is contact information. As soon as someone accesses your website, have a pop-up window to request their information and advertise specials. Websites also allow visitor tracking via retargeting campaigns through Google.

Whatever the product or service is, good web design allows flexibility in how the site is set-up. You do not have that flexibility of social media.

Businesses Offering eCommerce

Social media platforms like Facebook offer different apps to help their pages perform like a website for business but there is no comparison. Plus, if eCommerce functionality is needed, it needs to be offered from the security of a small business website.

An eCommerce website for business allows the business to set-up an online store. Use graphics and video to advertise your products. Offering a cart allows visitors to create an account and check-out once they are done shopping.

Successful SEO Strategies

With a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, a small business website and Facebook business page will work together. Websites require constant updates. Use a Facebook page to share new blogs and other links for items posted on the website.

This is how visitors are directed from social media to your website.

Build Your Brand

Successfully integrating Facebook into your marketing campaigns is not just a way to drive traffic to the business website. It is also a way to build your brand and give it the boost that it needs. People connect the brand with what they see on the website.

Are You Ready to Build Your Website?

We hope you’re no longer asking do I need a website. Businesses need to carve their niche on the World Wide Web. They can do that with a dedicated website.

If you’re ready to get started building your online presence. Click here to get started or to ask a question.

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